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About Faeria

Faeria combines the core values of Strategy Card Games together with a Living Board, giving you the ability to shape the board as you play to create mind-blowing strategies. Each game of Faeria is not only unique, beautiful and fast-paced but also highly competitive with upcoming features such as an observer mode and integrated tournaments. Faeria is a 1-on-1 turn based game embedded with an online platform where you can challenge other players. Faeria has been designed to immerse you in a world filled with legends of old. Everything has been built to make you feel at ease when you play Faeria. The board, the illustrations and the music have been praised by the community!


Faeria is more than just a digital card game, it provides it players with the ability to interact with the Living Board and shape the world on their path to victory! Faeria mixes innovative gameplay features through its 4 colors Blue Icon land blue.png , Green Icon land green.png , Red Icon land red.png and Yellow Icon land yellow.png along with Neutral Icon land human.png . Each color has unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses which insure that every game is a new and exciting experience!

Each turn players juggle land placement, resource gathering, creature and structure positioning, and optimizing their use of the Power Wheel . The Living Board allows players to see their creatures and spells come alive on the battlefield.

Creatures can only be played on lands of their given color, which adds a strong positioning element to the game. Event cards let you destroy the terrain or reshape it, others let you teleport creatures. The terrain offers a layer of depth that opens up a stunning strategic dimension, something never seen before in the Tradable Card Game genre.

The best part is that it's fast-paced and on average, a Faeria game will take 10 minutes and those 10 minutes will be filled with land creation, creature summoning and intense combat making each turn thrilling! As the developers are players themselves, they also wanted to create a leveling experience that always feels rewarding. An experience allowing every player, regardless of the size of their wallet, to gather enough cards to create mind blowing strategies.

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