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Mission Statement[edit source]

The Faeria Gamepedia aims to be the de facto place to find all information on the various aspects of Faeria. This site is entirely driven by user contribution and would not be possible with ought the help of our contributors

Ways to Get Involved[edit source]

Even if you have never edited a wiki before it is easy to help out. If you spot a spelling mistake you can quickly make edits to the offending word and help to improve the overall readability of this wiki. We encourage you to make an account so that you may edit the wiki with minimal restrictions and so that you aren't accidentally marked by the spam filter. Plus every contribution you make on your account will increase your contribution score showing everyone how helpful you are on this wiki!

Projects[edit source]

Here is a list of on going category of projects that require articles to be created. If you are looking for where to get started, this can give you a good idea!

Style[edit source]

We are currently working on a style guide to make the content of this wiki look more uniform. With that said, the most important thing currently is getting the content onto the site, we can always clean it up later!

Where to Find Various Game Assets[edit source]


Icons, Cardbacks, Wells etc

Some Ingame Screen Shots